About us

About us

Asad and Tilan had met first in 2016 when they developed an anomaly detection & prediction platform for Artificial Lift Systems (ALS), which were utilized by the oil & gas industry.

Being passionate in machine learning and AI technologies and how inspired they are as an entrepreneur, they moved to the next step to tackle the big challenge of the industry, ALS.

They are set to leverage the experience, data and technologies to provide tools for intelligent ALS management, proactive maintenance, longer ESPs runlife, and Plunger Lift continuous cycling.

Our Team

Asad Molayari

CEO, Data Scientist & Engineer

Asad is the CEO, Data Scientist and Petroleum Engineer at Nava Analytics. He formerly worked in Baker Hughes as a Production Optimization Engineer and in eLynx Technologies as Data Scientist. He holds two MSc degrees in Mechanical and Petroleum Engineering.

Tilan Ukwatta

President, Chief Data Scientist

Tilan is the President and Chief Data Scientist at Nava Analytics. Formally he worked as a senior data scientist at eLynx Technologies. Prior to that, Tilan was an astrophysicist who worked at NASA Goddard and at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Tilan holds a Ph.D. in Physics.

Amanda Scott

Business Development Strategist

Amanda is certified by Rice University, through Leadership & Decision Making in the Energy Industry Program. Throughout her career, Amanda has led several initiatives in corporate strategy and operational excellence. Her highly-customized approach to each project ensures all projects are delivered on schedule, within budget, and with the highest level of quality. Her other focuses include account management, and marketing communications.

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